How will I be billed for my cleaning services?

Cleaning Services of Wilmington works to make everything as simple as possible. On most occasions, after your cleaning service has been completed, we will mail an invoice to your home or residence. If you would prefer, you can leave a check or money order with the Team that comes to your home, if that would be more convenient. Customers on a scheduled cleaning plan can request to be billed weekly or monthly, depending on how often service is scheduled. We also accept MasterCard and Visa.

When will Cleaning Services of Wilmington arrive?

We always try to provide a very fast response time for all of our customers. If you need service at a specific time other than your scheduled service time, we will work to accommodate your needs. We would ask, however, that you allow for 24 hours of preparation from the time you call to the time our Team arrives.

What if I don’t feel satisfied with the quality of service provided?

If at any time you feel that the Cleaning Services of Wilmington team has done an unsatisfactory job, we encourage you to call our offices as soon as possible. We strive to provide the best and most complete service available, and we are determined to solve any problem that may arise.

Do you bring your own equipment?

Cleaning Services of Wilmington provides all the necessary equipment to our experts to bring your home or office back to clean. We use many specially-formulated cleaning solutions that aren't easily available to the consumer, and by providing our own materials and equipment, the customer can save time and money by not having to keep extra cleaning products in their home or office.

Do you offer One-Time Cleaning Services?

Yes. While we have a number of clients who prefer scheduled cleaning once a week or more, we are more than happy to provide affordable and efficient cleaning services on a one-time basis. Often customers are preparing for a family gathering or an office party and they need that extra time saver to get everything prepared, and we are here to help!

Do you offer cleaning packages?

No. All Wilmington Cleaning Services' services are completely custom and tailored to your needs as the home or business owner. This structure allows us to provide every cleaning service you need without having to "up-sell" a package. We want you to be fully satisfied not only with the quality of service you receive, but also with the costs associated.

How much will it cost to clean my home or business?

Unfortunately, it is too difficult to provide a standard price for our services. Each customer is unique, and depending on the size of the location, the services needed, and many other factors, we prefer to wait until we can give you an accurate quote. Our quotes are based upon a "Cleaning Diagnostic" process, which one of our experts will preform upon arrival. These Cleaning Diagnostics and quotes are provided free of charge to potential customers. Before you assume that professional cleaning services are too expensive for your budget, give us a call and discover how easy it is to save precious time by bringing in the professionals!